AESVC,B,S Series

Vertical In-line Pump

  • Top pull-out design- easy maintenance
  • Compact structure- space-saving
  • Standard IEC motors
  • 3D curvature hydraulic design, high efficiency impeller
  • Bearing-free pump design, less maintenance and service
  • Dynamically balanced impeller assures smooth vibration-free operation
  • Air vent design. No entrained air in the mechanical seal chamber.
  • Mechanical seal faces are lubricated at all times.
  • Pumping of clean raw water, softened and demineralized water, brackish water,sea water, aggressive waters and liquids
  • Supply and boosting of tap water and groundwater.
  • Circulation and boosting of cold and hot waters in air conditioning system,fire-fighting system, water flushing system, water circulation system for swimming pools and variety of mechanical services.
  • Different applications in industrial processes.

Product Catalogue

  • AESVC,B,S catalog-50HZ