DPC Sereis

Digital Pressure Controller

  • Digital pressure controller can completely replace and outperform the pressure gauge-pressure switch kit on a pressure tank system and/or the pressure control device.
  • Digital pressure switch is characterized by it’s accuracy and high resolution.(Accuracy: ±1% F.S./Resolution:0.01 bar/0.01kg/cm²/0.1psi)
  • Dry Running protection
  • Delayed shutdown function
  • Water pump
  • Fire pump set
  • Booster system
  • Clearly indicating by 3-ways LED digital value.
  • DPC switches have a longer life expectancy than a mechanical switch.
  • Nice controlling accuracy and fast response.
  • Anti-vibration, strong anti-jamming ability.
  • Easy to connect the wires and install.
  • Displays the current system pressure, removing the need for additional pressure guage.
  • Can set on and off switching pressure and set dry running alarm pressure and detection time which are customisable by the user.
  • Soft stop-using adjustable delay after the off pressure has been achieved- reduces cycling and water hammer issues.
  • DPC-16 and DPC-25 have addition protection limiting maximum starts per hour, protecting the pump from rapid cycling.
  • The DPC-16 and DPC-25 feature an adjustable restart delay 0~90 minutes, controlling the pump cycle rate.
  • If connected through a contactor, the DPC switches can operate pumps with higher voltages and current. (Except for DPC-10 A Type)

Product Catalogue

  • DPC-10 catalog